I enjoyed the process very much. Dr. Price made the process very easy to navigate from start to finish for me as a first time author, which took the stress and anxiety out of the process and allowed me to enjoy it. I was able to focus on the passion and message of the book because she was always 10 steps ahead on the actual publication and marketing process. I always felt supported and that I had a place to ask questions any time I got stuck. Dr. Price also always valued and supported the vision God had for my book, and told me to follow that no matter what, which gave me great peace and courage to keep the vision He gave me and run with it! She regularly reminded me to value myself and my vision for the book, which helped me to keep the vision and writing pure from performance and people-pleasing. That encouragement also helped me make the highest quality book I could make, knowing that I am worth that type of care and determination. Priceless Publishing helped me pursue and achieve the call of God on my life and my destiny: Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may RUN who reads it.

Katherine Cortez

It felt good to know that my only responsibility was ensuring that my vision is brought to life. My questions were answered, most importantly I’m officially an author of a children’s book!!

Dee Saunders

The process of working with Priceless Publishing was seamless. They went above and beyond to meet my needs as well as provided updates throughout the process. I highly recommend them for anyone

Angelica Williams

I learned a lot working with Pricless Publishing. As a first time author they made the process as understanding as can be.

Debbieann Reid

For the most part, working with this company was great. Dr. Sidjae and team were good at communicating and checking in with me on how I felt about every part of the book publishing process. I truly would recommend others working with this company.

Jared Mcphoy

I throughly enjoyed my process while working with Priceless Publishing. As a new author, I didn’t know what to do or where to go, thankfully my friend told me about this company. Dr, Sidjae is so professional and nice and really knows her stuff. She made this process effortless and I can’t wait to continue working with her for my next books.

Vanessa Rodriguez

The process was very smooth. Every question I had was answered in a timely manner and with great tips. There were so many times I thought I was going to fail at publishing but with the team at Priceless, everything was phenomenal.

StaShanna Thomas-Morris

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Dr. Peren Sabuncu

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Anthony Darrellis

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Yaa Afriyie Amakye

Testimonials | Screenshot 20200509 155951

Chef Pucky

Working with Priceless Publishing was an absolute pleasure. The process was long and hard but this team made it feel like someone was literally holding my hand the whole time. Everything was personal. I didn’t feel like a customer at all which is huge because that’s what turned me away from every other company I looked into. Becoming an author for the first time shouldn’t be rushed or too strict. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to help Priceless Publishing grow and for my personal growth as a new author.

Deneil Foster

I am so grateful that I found @drsidjaeprice of @pricelesspublishing. It was divine intervention really. I’ve had the idea for my book for 3 years and it wasn’t until I met Sidjae I became confident enough to execute. She believed in the project so much that it gave me the confidence to move forward. My whole experience from beginning to end was absolutely amazing. Well it’s not the end yet lol. We will be working on more projects in the future because I’ve found my publisher for life lol. As a matter of fact it does not stop at only publishing services. Sidjae pointed me in the direction of everything I didn’t even know I needed to be a successful author and entrepreneur. Upon the release of my book within a matter of days my book was #1 best seller in 3 different categories on amazon. Because of Sidjae my book is on so many different platforms like Barnes and Noble, Walmart even internationally.

Shannon Butler

Dr. Sidjae was extremely helpful with the process of helping me promote my book as it was already published when we started working together. She helped me with strategies for marketing the book which resulted in my book being #1 in Children Travel Books on Amazon. I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Shakira Lynn

I enjoyed publishing with Sidjae greatly.  It was easy to follow the instructions and it happened so fast. I honestly would love to do it again in the near future.

Brittney Moseley

Publishing a book was an absolute blessing to my life in so many ways. Besides becoming a best selling author I was able to collaborate and work with a group of amazing women with shared a love and appreciation for the power of faith. I was featured in several podcast, was given the opportunity to speak at several events, and  pretty much sold out of my book copies. Becoming an author gave me the confidence I needed to finish up 3 other books I had began writing some years ago and literally left sitting in the cue. 2020 is going to be an amazing year for my author journey.

Dr. Jhanel Davis

I enjoyed it a lot! Dr. Price is so diligent with following up and giving detailed information for each step of the process. She’s passionate and goes the extra mile to push and motivate her clients! Undertaking this scary and unfamiliar road of authoring was made easier by Dr. Price’s warmth and patience.

Crystal S. Wright

Very pleasant… very upfront and informative.. patient and kind.. will definitely be coming back to publish more books.

Chanese Bradley

It was a great process they where very patient with me everything they said they were going to do they did and they’ve instilled a confidence in me that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else.

Michael Simmons

Working with Priceless Publishing was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I always felt supported and heard from start to finish. The level of communication was always immediate and my questions were always answered quickly and thoroughly. The stress of getting a book out there was completely taken off my shoulders and placed in the best hands. Not only was I blown away by Dr. Sidjae’s professionalism, expertise, and communication, but her team of illustrators blew me away as they were able to produce a book for me that was exactly taken from my imagination. The patience exuded by this team and the ability to produce my book 3 months prior to the projected release day is a reason in itself to be in awe of Priceless Publishing. I am eternally grateful to have worked with this Publishing Company, I will absolutely be working with Dr. Sidjae and her team again and I could not recommend them enough. I am pleased to add that through this incredible team, that my first book, My Unique Name, has become an instant Best Seller on Amazon and my journey has only just begun. Thank you Priceless Publishing for working with me to make this dream come true

Chynika Wright

The process of working with Priceless Publishing was seamless. They went above and beyond to meet my needs as well as provided updates throughout the process. I highly recommend them for anyone.

Angelica Williams

Working with your team was exciting and informative as I learned so much. It was great knowing that I could ask any amount of questions and you were there ushering me along the entire journey, never getting tired of my edits (lol) It was clear that you care and wanted the best for me!

Ineke Murray

I felt comfortable with the team. I loved the support at the forefront of the process, it really helped me hone in on what I wanted to write about. The process was seamless, turnarounds were always timely and feedback was helpful. I would definitely recommend to friends and family thinking of going the self publishing route.

Shanice Cook

Love yoooooouuu, Sidjae. You’ve made this journey soooo pleasant. You literally did everything to help me bring my vision to reality! Looking for an awesome book editor/author/publisher stop looking you’ve literally found her!

Chef Pucky

I am so grateful to have chosen you to help me give birth to this amazing project. I love everything about it. This experience with you was extremely light and easy for me. Your turn around time with delivering my book a month before the expected date blew my mind. I love how you stayed in communication with me every step of the way. You are Heaven sent. I am now feeling contractions; it’s time for me to give birth to this amazing project. Thanks you for your tremendous help, you are a blessing

Shay Thirsty

The feeling of publishing a book  was great, it allowed me to put my feelings into writing and understand the process of learning pulling through obstacles that I faced. It was also an appreciation of telling and sharing. I have no complaints. Everything was done and organized in a professional manner.

Ashley Coulson

I really enjoyed the process of publishing my book with Sidjae. She told me exactly what was needed, what would work vs what did not and how the book would look etc. this was my first book so I was super excited about it and I was happy with the overall experience.

Keisha Greaves

loved the ease of publishing with you. All I had to worry about was writing, and you handled everything else. I definitely appreciate the support, work ethic, and trustworthiness you have provided.

Dr. Peren Sabuncu

I enjoyed our strategy session. I also loved the ideas that Dr. Price provides to help me reach the best seller’s list. She’s approachable, knowledgeable, and very professional and wants to make sure that your needs and wants around your project are met.

Sivonnia DeBarros

I loved working with Dr. Sidjae and team. They made the publishing process easy and seamless. New authors don’t know the pitfalls that can be associated with publishing a book and the Priceless Publishing team took the guess work out of a successful launch of a book that had been a part of my vision board for years. Dr. Sidjae has literally thought of everything from the initial brainstorm meeting through the book launch. I would jump at the chance to publish with Priceless again.

Francene Scott Diehl

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Priceless Publishing! I am very detailed oriented and all of my many questions were answered in detail and promptly. Everyone I worked with were knowledgeable about their specific role and it truly exceeded my expectation as a first time author.

Modinat Ogunnaike

Publishing a book is hard work, but Dr. Price and her publishing team made the process so much easier. Dr. Price was very helpful and unbelievably PATIENT throughout the whole process. Even with multiple back-and-forth emails with changes, I never felt like I was bothering her. She always had great advice and tried to bring my vision to life. I especially loved her email check-ins to ensure that everything was okay and that I didn’t have any questions. If I had questions, she did not hesitate to call or email to address my concerns until I was satisfied. Priceless Publishing is in it for the success of their clients. They’ll really go above and beyond for your success. Thank you, Priceless Publishing!

Davia Chin

I’ve published four books independently, but for my latest book, “Up All Night”, I decided to go with Dr. Price and her company, Priceless Publishing, and I can easily say that I am very impressed with the quality of work that was provided, the ease of the publishing process. Dr. Price and her team did exactly what they said they would do, and our book turned out excellent and made it to the bestseller list. Even when there a few hiccups during the process, the team was very patient, understanding, and resolved our issues accordingly. As a result of my great experience, I will definitely be publishing my next book with Priceless Publishing!

S.P. Burrell