Katherine Cortez

I enjoyed the process very much. Dr. Price made the process very easy to navigate from start to finish for me as a first time author, which took the stress and anxiety out of the process and allowed me to enjoy it. I was able to focus on the passion and message of the book because she was always 10 steps ahead on the actual publication and marketing process. I always felt supported and that I had a place to ask questions any time I got stuck. Dr. Price also always valued and supported the vision God had for my book, and told me to follow that no matter what, which gave me great peace and courage to keep the vision He gave me and run with it! She regularly reminded me to value myself and my vision for the book, which helped me to keep the vision and writing pure from performance and people-pleasing. That encouragement also helped me make the highest quality book I could make, knowing that I am worth that type of care and determination. Priceless Publishing helped me pursue and achieve the call of God on my life and my destiny: Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may RUN who reads it.

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