Deniel Foster Author



Deneil Foster is an ambitious, down to earth and resilient young woman, who discovered purpose in her pain. As an only child who battled depression and anxiety for years, she wants to empower her generation, and impact the world with her story. Often described as being mature for her age, Deneil credits much of her personal development and leadership ability to years of active involvement in church and school. Her purpose-driven path soon. developed into a passion for mental health, inspiring her first book.

Determined to break generational curses and set new standards for generations to come, she is focused on living life without limitations. Deneil reflects on the years when she struggled with her own identity and confidence, and vowed to never feel uncomfortable and foreign in her own skin ever again. Instead, she aims to create a life for herself that does not need an escape, through continued inner healing and eternal self-love. This defines her philosophy to be EVER NEW.