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Lifestyle Blogger and Entrepreneur, Dayna Bolden is a mom to Aria and Bryce. She recognized Aria had a love for books from a very early age. Aria, who has been reading since the age of 4, quickly progressed from reading books to curating her very own homemade storybooks using craft paper, lots of glue, and drawings. Dayna saw that as a gift and an opportunity to cultivate and bring to life Aria’s love for reading, writing, and creating. Being the innovative CEO of Bolden Creative, Dayna decided to create something meaningful for her daughter and other little girls all over the world. The mother and daughter duo, Dayna and Aria, decided to invent a character that represents little brown girls everywhere, as representation matters. A little brown girl who is smart, BOLD, and loves to dream big. Fashioned after 7-year-old Aria Bolden, herself, Super Cool Aria makes learning, being friendly, and thinking big- SUPER COOL!
Aria Bolden is a fun-loving, fashion-styling, curiously-creative student, future actress, and now author. She is most definitely Super Cool Aria. When not at school or playing with her little brother, you will find Aria reading and dreaming up new characters or attending business meetings with her mother. For more on Super Cool Aria, the brand, visit and follow her on Instagram at @SuperCoolAria


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