We publish paperback, hardcover and ebooks only. The genres of books we publish are personal narratives, children books, educational books and journals. At this time we are unable to publish spiral books, pop-up books, or cardboard children books.

No we don’t. This is also stated in our contracts which holds us accountable to this.

Each author is responsible for their own marketing and getting sales for your book. 

You can sell the book from your personal site or directly from the site of your retailers that are distributing your book. 

You receive 100% of your royalties. Royalties are sent to your bank based on the payment schedule of the platform (Amazon KDP or IngramSpark) you published with. These platforms typically payout about 60 days from the monthly sales of your book. So if you sold a book in January, you won’t get paid on it until March. 

It’s important to note that if your book is published with Amazon KDP payment will come from them. If your book is published with IngramSpark payment will come from them on behalf of the retailers. For example, Target, Books A Million etc.

If you’re published with Amazon KDP, it should stay up for as long as Amazon exists or their policy changes. 

If you’re published with IngramSpark then it varies and is dependent on the individual retailers. They determine the length a book stays on their site based on sales and the publicity of the book. But like any major retailer at some point inventory will need to change.

You have 2 choices:

  1. Use a print on demand system to sell, print, and ship your books. What this means is that your book distributor (KDP or IngramSpark) will only print your book when an order is placed. The cost to print the book will be deducted from your book sale, along with the fee (of about 30%-40%) to use their retail site. The remainder is your profits, also known as your book royalty. 
  2. You can print your book wholesale and sell and ship them through your own website.